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QuizSense Sports
"Fantasy Sports" meets "real-time quizzing"

Sports fans enjoy sports and believe they understand it like few others. They enjoy the feeling and the bragging rights that come with predicting a play. They know what it's like to argue with friends for hours to prove that they had it right all along. Now they have an opportunity to have enormous fun and potential profits with a product that was always needed but not possible up until now.

Introducing an innovation in sports entertainment - a patent pending game service - called QuizSense that enables live event quizzing. With QuizSense, individuals, media companies, and other businesses can create their own in-game quiz contests. You can run contests with quiz questions such as: "Kobe is at 20 points at the end of second quarter, what will he have at the end of regulation?" "Will A-Rod hit a home run in his next at bat?" "Can you project the winning margin at the end of the third quarter?" All presented in the familiar format of multiple-choice quizzing.

What is QuizSense?

QuizSense Technologies, Inc. is a Dallas based company that has developed an application to create online quiz contest for real-time events. It's meant for friends, families, fans, or other forms of social networks to compete on who can best predict what will happen next during a live event. It's all legal and you can enable predictive quizzes on the fly from the comfort of your PC to deliver online or over cell phones to your audience (see illustration below).

An Illustration:

Questions created and delivered using QuizSense live to fans on their computers or smart phones.

Example: A Redskins versus Seahawks football. 10 minutes remain in the fourth quarter and the Redskins are winning 17-10:

1. How many yards will Alexander (Seahawks) have at the end of the game? (He has 33 yards on 17 carries at this point)
a) less than 44
b) 44-50
c) 51-55
d) 55 plus
2. How many completions will Campbell (Redskins) have for the game? (Currently 18-30 for 193 yards with 1 TD and 2 INT)
a) 20-22
b) 23-25
c) 26-28
d) 29 plus
3. How many rushing attempts will Portis have in the game? (He has 67 yards on 18 carries at this point)
a) 20
b) 21-24
c) 25-28
d) 29 plus
What does QuizSense Technologies offer?

A Software as a Service (SaaS) application for customers to run In-game predictive sports quiz contests as online games or promotions on their sites. The company also provides a system for you to operate your own online contest operation for fun or as a business. This system can help you manage accumulated points obtained by your network of online competitors - and if you choose to offer it -manage points that can be used to redeem a variety of prizes. QuizSense also has the potential to substantially increase traffic to a sports blog or website that you may own.

All you need is an email list of players who are willing to play using the Internet or mobile phones for fun and prizes - for free or a fee - for you to start making money. You apply your sports knowledge and skills to build a sports game operation for fun or for business that makes you a success on your campus, in your neighborhood, or wherever your social network may reside.

Why do it and Why Now?

A June 3rd, 2008, U.S. Supreme Court ruling has made it legal for individuals and organizations to offer Fantasy-like games that involve player names and statistics from professional leagues. This has opened a whole new opportunity for in-game sports quizzing for fans and entrepreneurs alike.

Fantasy sports in the US alone are more than a billion dollar industry. There are between 15 million and 18 million fantasy sports players in the U.S. growing at 7 percent to 10 percent each year. About 85 percent of all fantasy sports participants play fantasy football, mainly online. But there are still four key problems with Fantasy sports:

1 - Non-live - you lock your picks in advance and don't get to do much live when the game is actually on;
2 - Excludes casual fans - your spouse or friend may not join in casually in the middle of the game or the season - only proactive fans get to play;
3 - It is no fun during play-offs since the teams begin to eliminate and your player picks don't apply anymore; and
4 - It is centered mostly around a few sports - many other sports like tennis, golf, lacrosse, and others are not as popular in the fantasy format - even college sports are left off.

Using today's Internet based and mobile technologies, QuizSense addresses all of the above problems by offering a solution that combines live quizzing in sports with the thrill of real-time participation.

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