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Make your plays while the pros make theirs - Win a contest featuring live event quiz questions generated on-the-fly.
Run live quiz contests to challenge your friends, family, colleagues and other fans anywhere.
"Predictions" meets "real-time quizzing" an application to create predictive online quiz contest for future and real-time events
Welcome to QuizSense Beta, where predictions meets real-time quizzing.

Share your excitement about your favorite subject matter by turning it into a contest for others. QuizSense Technologies, Inc. is a free service that allows you to create quiz contests to send to family, friends, colleagues. You may post those contests as well using our widgets anywhere for your web visitors, blog readers, experts or prospects. The quiz contests may include trivia, tests, or predictive quizzes.

Quizsense will never share or abuse our subscriber list. We appreciate you letting us into your email, and we promise not to abuse that trust. For more details, please see our terms of use

QuizSense captures the fun of predicting future events and the bragging rights that result from getting it right. We specialize in two types of predictive quiz contests:

  1. 1- Quiz contest during live events to predict answers as the situation unfolds during an invent such as a stock trading day, a live game event, or an election night; and

  2. 2- Quiz contests posted prior to a live event for players to predict outcomes.

You may use our site to run these quiz contests for fun or profits. The site offers the tools and technology for you to enjoy the experience. The best part is that it's free.

So look around, browse a bit, play a few, familiarize yourself and, if you feel comfortable, sign up to be our guest.

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